Mediawiki Installing

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Installing MediaWiki on CentOS 8:[edit | edit source]

Pre-requisites:[edit | edit source]

  • CentOS 8 system
  • Apache
  • MySQL/Maria DB
  • Download mediawiki[edit | edit source]

    Download mediawiki into /usr/local/src

    #cd  /usr/local/src

    Extract mediawiki and move into DocumentRoot[edit | edit source]

    # tar -xzvf mediawiki-1.22.3.tar.gz
    # mv mediawiki-1.22.3 /var/www/html/<<wiki directory>>

    Create Database and User in mysql[edit | edit source]

    Enter into mysql as root

    You need to enter mysql root password to enter in to mysql.

    # mysql -u root -p
    Enter password:

    You will get mysql command terminal.We need to create Database, User for mediawiki.

    I'm going to set database name, username , and password as 'mediawiki'.You can change it as per your wish.

    Create database

    mysql> create database mediawiki;

    Create User

    mysql> create user mediawiki@localhost;

    Set password for mysql user

    mysql> set password for mediawiki@localhost = password ('mediawiki');

    Allow Grant privileges to the user

    mysql>GRANT ALL PRIVILEGES ON mediawiki.* to mediawiki@localhost identified by 'mediawiki';

    Flush privileges

    mysql> flush privileges;

    Now all the Activities in mysql is completed.You can simply logout from the mysql using quit


    Set Ownership and permission in DocumentRoot[edit | edit source]

    We need to set the Owner  and group of mediawiki as apache.Set 755 permission to the /var/www/html/mediawiki folder

    # chown -R apache:apache /var/www/html/mediawiki
    # chmod -R 755 /var/www /html/mediawiki

    Installation of mediawiki from the browser.[edit | edit source]

    You can start installation of mediawiki via browse http://Public_IP/mediawiki

    You will get a page like localsettings.php not found.Click on the setup the wiki

    There is a probability of get a blank page .It is due to the missing of pfp-dom.You can install it through the following steps.

    # yum install php-xml
    # service httpd restart

    Now the problem will solve and you will get a language setting page.You can set language as per your wisha

    Click Continue, You will get a Welcome page of wediawiki.

    Again Click continue. You will get Connect to database page.We are using mysql as database. So mark mysql and fillup our database details.

    Click continue. You will get a database settings page.You don't need to change anything on this page.

    Click Continue.You will get a page to Name the mediawiki, and Setup the admin account.  Then simply click continue on next two pages.You will get a installation complete page.

    Now you will get a LocalSettings.php file.You need to put that file into /var/www/html/mediawiki.Installation complete and you can enter into your mediawiki now .

    You are successfully installed mediawiki now.You can use meidawiki  to share valuable information to the world.